Thursday, September 30, 2010


As most of you know by now, Jason and I have separated. We have not been getting along for sometime now. It's not his fault; nor is it mine. We are just 2 different people with different ideas and whose lives are taking different directions. I think Jason said it best when he said, "We started out our lives together in love. And, now that love has evolved into something else." We made the mistake that too many married couples often make. We made our lives, our kids, our finances, etc. our priority instead of our marriage. Over time, this caused a lot of conflicts. Those conflicts continued to build and led us to where we are today....Separated. We mutually agreed that this was an unhealthy environment to continue to raise our kids in and to continue our marriage in. It was suffocating and making both of us miserable. We are working this out in our own way. Although the process of getting through this is proving to be very hard emotionally, our methods are working at this point. We are committed to making the best out of a very difficult situation for the betterment of ourselves, each other, and most importantly, our girls. Regardless of the outcome, our goal is to provide and obtain peace and happiness for ourselves and our girls so that we all can have the best possible life intended for us. Jason and I will always love each other and will remain the best of friends and parents that we can possibly be, regardless of what the future may hold and the path it may take.

Many of you have been very supportive of both Jason and me. We thank you for that. However, there are a few that have tried to create drama where there is none. Please stop looking for more than what is there. Please stop trying to lay the blame on either myself or Jason. We aren't blaming each other. So, why should you? What gives you the right to intervene and say whose fault this is? It's simple. It's both of our faults and we both know it and have accepted it. Please stop with the negative comments and accusations. Your words and your actions are not hurting myself or Jason. We could care less really what you say or what you think. But, those words and actions can come back and hurt our children. Neither of us will ever tolerate that. If you really are or ever were our true friends, then, please mind your own business and let us work this out for ourselves. Instead focus on your own lives and problems. I'm sorry for saying that as forceful as I did. But, some of the comments that have gotten back to me are infuriating me. You're saying things that simply are NOT true and doing so just to cause drama. Both mine and Jason's biggest goal in this is to protect our children, our families and each other. And, we will do so even if it costs us a few to do it! Neither of us will tolerate any negative comments about the other or this delicate situation we are in. I'm not writing this about or to everyone, just the very select few that have made these comments and you know who you are.

Together, Jason and I will get through this. We are committed to making the best life for our children and ourselves, regardless of the outcome. Jason and I are going about this in a positive manner. What we need is your prayers, support, encouragement, and your friendship. What we don't need is the negativity that a few are trying to bring. Although our lives are currently separated, we aren't dividing our families and friends. You all will always be OUR family and OUR friends. We love and thank you all for all that you are and all that you bring to our lives, both together and as individuals.