Monday, August 17, 2009

Abbey's 1st Day of 7th Grade

The alarm clock going off at 7:00 am officially started the new school year. Abbey excitedly jumped out of bed, ready to go! She couldn't wait to get there. She wanted me to have her there by 7:45. School doesn't start to 8:30! Excited much? She couldn't wait to start her first day of school. Me, I was ready for another day of summer vacation. No such luck! We woke Morgan up. She whined, saying, "But, I don't wanna go to school." She argued about it. She was obviously arguing with herself in her sleep. She finally woke up and said, "Oh yeah, I don't start school today." She jumped up out of bed at that point. LOL. We dropped Abbey off at school at 8:15. She wouldn't let me walk her in and take pictures. "I'm in 7th grade now Mom. I'm not a baby," she said. Broke my heart. She's IS NOT supposed to be that old! I reluctantly gave in and stayed behind. She looked so grown up walking in. Morgan asked me what time Abbey got out of school. When I told her, she wanted to know if we could pick her up early. She, then, argued with me when I explained that we couldn't do that. She demanded to know why not. This coming from the child that thinks her sister is a bossy pain in the butt most of the time. It will be interesting to see how she does her first full day without her sister. We finally went back to get her at 11:30. Abbey came bouncing out of the school. She loved her first day and couldn't wait to tell us all about it! She said she had homework. I thought that was odd for the first day of school. She didn't care. She was excited to have homework. She's definitely not mine or Jason's child. LOL She was very excited about seeing all of her school friends. She said that when she walked into Mrs. Harris's class that she said to Abbey, "Well there's a Fritts if I ever saw one." Abbey thought that was funny! In Mr. Watson's class, he told the kids that he had been teaching school for 30 years and asked if he had taught any of their parents or siblings, if so to raise their hands. He, then, looked at Abbey and said, "Not you Ms. Fritts. I had both your dad and your uncle." Abbey thought that was embarrassing but funny. Of course, she couldn't go a full day without getting into a little bit of trouble. Not really. But, Lynn had to remind her that he was Coach Allen at school. It was funny. She did say that she was glad the day was over with. Why? Because she wanted to hurry up, go home and go to bed so she could start her first full day of school tomorrow! I had to explain that she couldn't go to bed at noon and sleep until 7:00 the next morning. Goofy girl. We are so blessed to have a child that love's school and education the way she does. It excites me to see her so excited about school. I hope she stays that way forever!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Saying Goodbye....

Saying goodbye is always hard to do, especially to something you love so much. Yes, I'm talking about summer. Summer will be coming to an end for us officially on Monday with the start of a new school year. We have had a great summer filled with lots of memories. We hate to see it end. We will miss you summer. We will miss the pool, the beach, staying up late and sleeping in, playing with friends, etc... On the plus side, whenever you say goodbye to one thing, you say hello to something new. That something new, for us, will be the start of new school year and all the exciting activities we have planned for fall.

First, Abbey will start the 7th grade on Monday. She is very excited. She has Mr. Watson and Lynn Allen as 2 of her teachers. She is sooooooo happy about that. I'm kinda sad, though. Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday she walked through the kindergarten doors. Now, my baby, is 12 and starting the 7th grade!!! I need to find away to reverse time! With any luck, she will let me pretend that she is still little, for just a few minutes, and walk her into school on Monday. Camera in hand of course. lol.

While on the subject of school, I'll take a minute to update you on our homeschool adventures with Morgan. After months or research and prayer, I have finally chosen the curriculum that she and I will be using. And, I finally have our lesson planner complete. That is a huge monkey off my shoulders. We have officially withdrawn her from school and enrolled her in a homeschooling program. We have decided to postpone her start date until after Labor Day. This will give us a couple of weeks to get Abbey settled into a new school year. Then, Morgan and I will hit the books and the road occasionally. We have a few field trips already planned out. You all know me with planning EVERYTHING! lol. We are very excited to get started. Morgan gleams with excitement every time UPS pulls in our driveway with a new delivery. She knows it's her school stuff. I'm so relieved that she is this excited about it. I, too, am getting excited now. I'll keep you updated on our progress. Please keep us in your prayers as we go through this journey in our lives.

Next week is also the official start of softball and soccer season. Time to put the gear back on. Time to say goodbye to home cooked meals; and, hello to McDonalds, Wendy's, Subway, etc... Gotta love the sports schedule. As soon as I get their ball schedules, I will email them out for everyone to come help us cheer them on again.

The girls have National Dance Competitions on September 5th in Nashville. Good luck to all of the Step Above Dancers. While in Nashville, we will also be taking the time to visit several friends of ours there. We can't wait for that! They will also be competing in October in Maggie Valley, NC. That will officially end this years travel part of dance until February.

Also, in October, Jason and I will be going to the Caribbean for a week. It will be very nice to get away from our hectic schedules and just relax!

Saving the best for last, fall is also the time of year we say HELLO to TN football. Yep, "It's almost football time in Tennessee." Is there a greater time of year to be in Knoxville than that? NOPE! Time for big screen tvs, football parties, chili, tailgating, home games at Neyland Stadium, and of course......ORANGE everywhere! GO VOLS! The air even smells orange in the fall. The countdown has begun!

So...... Goodbye Summer! Until we meet again next year............we will miss you!