Monday, March 22, 2010


Over the past few days, I have been asked to weigh in with my opinion on the current Health Care Reform Bill. Let me start by saying that this blog neither confirms nor denies my stance on this bill. I refuse to get into such a debate. What is this blog about? The disheartening fall out from it. I am very disappointed with many things that I have been witness too; both through spoken words and actions taken.

I have saw long term friendships fall apart because of opposing views on this subject. Really? Is it worth it? Is having a strong opposing opinion worth losing a life long friend over? Me? I choose the relationships in my life over the bull shit happenings in Washington. Yeah, what goes on in Washington does have an affect on myself and my family. But, in the end, the relationships in my life have a much larger affect on me and therefore are given a much greater importance on my list of priorities. Those I have control over. I don't have control over Washington bureaucracies. So, if defending my opinion on political matters is going to cost me a relationship I treasure, well, I'm sorry, we'll just have to agree to disagree and leave it there as that is a price to high for me to pay.

The most disheartening part of this that I have been witness to is the racism. What is this? Pre 1960's? I am not saying that I am pro or anti Obama. But, I AM anti racism. I have saw posts on facebook, words spoken from those around me, posts and replies on the internet, and even media personalities say that this was passed because he was black. They say that Obama was elected because he was black. Here's an idea..... How about we debate the issues at hand and not racism? Want to know why racism still exists today? Look no further than what's coming out of your own mouths in front of our children. Our children learn from us. They learn from our words, our actions and our teachings. Our children are blank slates in which we write on. Our beliefs WILL become theirs. So, choose your words wisely when speaking in their presence. I'm sure many will interpret this paragraph as me being pro Obama. It's not. I'm not satisfied with his job performance at this moment. However, my dissatisfaction comes not from his skin color or his background nor him as a man. It comes from me not agreeing with the job he is doing.

The most shocking of all of this and one which I am appalled with, is that I have heard most of this spoken from my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. For those participants in this, do you REALLY think that this is a type of behavior or that these are words that Christ would approve of??? My teachings tell me NO they aren't. Let's go back to adopting and applying the WWJD principle in our lives.

What is my opinion on this health care bill? I can see both sides of the argument. I both agree and disagree with many aspects of this bill. And, I am choosing to leave my opinion with that.

I apologize if this blog has stepped on any toes or hurt someone's feelings. That was not my intention for posting this. I'm just tired of hearing the negativity in the debate. If you want to debate it, then do so positively and with an open mind for hearing the other side of the debate. You might surprise yourself with what you will learn by doing so. Most importantly, debate only the issues and don't bring slanderous words and actions into it. Debate intelligently and not with ignorance.