Friday, April 9, 2010

Christian Ideology A Myth???

Growing up in Luttrell, TN, we were taught a few basic beliefs in life. We were taught to believe in God; to love our family; to love our neighbors; obey the law; and to cheer on TN football. Church and God was not an option. It was a priority; the center of our lives. This could easily be seen through our morning prayers at school (yes, we still prayed in school), Summer Revival's, Bible School, Wednesday night GA's and RA's at Cedar Ford Baptist Church, and church services. Our days began and ended with prayer. My question, today, is whatever happened to those beliefs? If you go back to Luttrell, they are still there. However, drive just 10 miles from downtown Luttrell, across the county line into Knox County, it's lost. Did the good citizen's of Knox County forget those principles of life? No, they didn't. That lies solely at the feet of Knox Counties school officials and what they are choosing and allowing to be taught to OUR students.

A science book being used to teach Honor's Biology, in Knox County High Schools, is stating that Christian Ideology is a myth! Don't believe me??? Demand to see a copy of that text book and look on page 319. There, you will find those words written and spelled out in black and white. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't text books supposed to teach facts? If not, why do we send our kids to school to learn them? I was APPALLED by this. What has happened to a school system that at one time was held in high regards as being one of the best in East TN? When did we start allowing such things to be taught to our innocent children?

The school board now has a "review board" in place to debate whether or not to ban this text book from our schools. Let me say to all the Mr. and Mrs. Stupids involved in this decision, I'm taking this decision out of your hands and deciding for myself what my children will be taught. I took my youngest child out of your school system because you failed to teach her the basic reading skills. If this text book isn't banned, you can add one more lost child to that list as my oldest child will NOT be allowed to attend your schools either. If we, as parents, allow them to use this one text book, they WILL bring in others like it; and, it WILL become mainstream teachings in our classrooms. That's just not ok with me. Yet, people ask why the Homeschooling movement is on such a rapid rise. Only one word comes to mind with that.....DUH!!!

Did you know that this same school system allows teachers to use profanity in front of our kids now??? No, I am definitely not saying all teachers do. But, I know of one teacher in Karns High School that still has a job after using very profane language while teaching her students. To quote her exact words, "G-- Damn it!" These aren't words I allow my children to use or allow to be said around my children, regardless of their ages. This same teacher also said to her students that she just didn't believe that an old, white haired, bearded man could have possibly created the world and life in just 7 days. That wasn't in Honor's Biology class. That was in Junior English class. My question is, "Where is the relevance to English in that statement? Did I also mention that this same teacher brings into the classroom and tries to force her political opinions onto those innocent minds by debating and discussing such topics as President Obama and pro-abortion??? Complaints have been filed against this teacher. Yet, nothing has been done. She is still allowed to teach at Karns. My point in telling that is that this line of thinking is well on it's way to becoming main stream in our public classrooms. Again, that's just not ok with me.

This same school system banned prayer, the use of the word Christmas, and anything of a religious nature within its school doors. Their claim was that it was offensive to non-Christians. Ummm.....excuse me!!! But, is that text book and the words spoken by that teacher NOT offensive to me and my beliefs? Where's my rights under the First Amendment? Why do you care so much about what offends one group as opposed to the other group? Have you forgotten that you live IN THE BIBLE BELT? Did you forget that this country that we love so dearly was founded on our fore fathers beliefs in God? Where do you think the phrase, "One nation, under God...." came from? Possibly out of FACTUAL History books.

By believing in God, the ONE and ONLY TRUE GOD, I also believe in the existence of Heaven and Hell. And, I can personally tell you that I WILL iceskate across Hell before these educated, know it all, idiots over Knox County's School system are ever allowed to teach my children such nonsense. I am counting down the days until I can move back to a public school system that still believes in God.

I'll wrap this up as I sing a country song titled, "I pray for you." Being the Christian that I am, I will be praying for you, your soul, and especially for God to protect our children's minds and hearts from what you are trying to teach them. Being the human and the mother that I am, I'll also be praying for those same text books to fall off the shelves onto your heads in hopes of knocking some sense into them.

I'm asking all of you that have or will have children in Knox County Schools to please write, email, fax, or call your School Board Representative and put a stop to this!