Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Out With The Old and In With The New......

A look back at 2009.........

2009 was full of it's ups and downs. The year started me off on a path of self discovery. And, what a path it was. I let go of a lot of old stresses that were dragging me down. I reconnected with many old friends through the joys of Facebook. I strengthened already existing relationships in my life. I, walked away from a few that were bringing me down. I, also, met many new friends, a few of which will be life long friends. Each of these relationships took me on a wild ride. A couple had their ups and downs. Most were worked out. Some are still to be determined. And, one, I'm still trying to work and find my way through. Either way, it has been a ride that I have enjoyed greatly and will always hold close to my heart, even the ones I've let go of.

There's an old proverbial saying, "When God closes one door, he always opens another one." I have always believed in that ancient old proverb. 2009, once again proved it to be true. There were many doors closed and many more opened. One door, in particular, closed at the end of 2009. And, with it, a new one opened. I have been very sad by the closing of the one. Yet, very excited by the opening of the other. Do I sound bi-polar saying that??? lol. I guess that is just some of life's constant struggles we find ourselves in. What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger, right???

I think 2009 will go down in my history as the year that I finally came into my own. I will treasure 2009 always.
I have let go of many things. And, I took on and tackled a lot of new ones. I was also made aware a lot of who I am. And, I have to say, I like the person I see staring back at me in that mirror.

A look ahead at 2010.....

2009 was my year of self discovery. 2010 will be the year I relax and enjoy the person I have become. Because of my heart condition, there were so many things that I have let go of over the years from fear. Guess what??? I'm no longer afraid of those limitations. I re-discovered my addiction to an adrenaline rush in 2009. I'm not going to spend this new decade worried about the "what-ifs." Instead, I'm choosing to jump back into life and let my feet land where ever they may. I already started doing so in 2009.

So, what are MY plans for the upcoming year....... Well....... There are many!

1. Plans are in the making to take a girlie cruise with a few of my closest friends at the end of February. Can't wait for that one. Fun in the sun, on a boat, sipping margaritas with no husbands or kids for a week. I mean honestly, does it get any better than that??? Mexico.....Here WE come!

2. As with every year, I will be making several trips to one of my favorite cities, Nashville. Looking very much forward to doing so. I always have a blast when I go there. This upcoming year will be no exception. I just might throw in a few extra trips there this year if time permits.

3. I have several trips planned to do my most favorite activity in life, and that's digging my toes in some sand while sitting by an ocean. Hell, I may even pick up a surf board this year. I will also be parasailing this year when I go, with a water proof camera, of course.

4. I'll be spending a lot of the time in the mountains hiking, hiking, and oh.....did I mention hiking?!?!. I plan on doing some over night hikes and off the trail hikes this year. Yippee! I think I may even learn to go rock climbing and repelling with a couple of those hikes. My goal with the hikes in 2010 is to prepare myself to do the 26 + mile round trip hike up to Mt. LeConte in the Spring of 2011.

5. I plan on learning to snow board this year. Something I have wanted to do for a long time but fear held me back from doing so. Not this year. I'll go down that mountain much faster than I could ever walk down it.

6. I'll spend lots of time with family and friends enjoying those relationships.

7. I am planning on taking a couple of photography excursions. And, y'all know, I WILL enjoy that! One of which, will take me snow mobiling next winter. Jason isn't too thrilled with that, but has agreed to let me do so anyway.

8. I think the most important thing I will do this year is to continue to make me the priority. I found in 2009 that the more I take care of myself, the better I am at taking care of others. Before, I always put me last on my list of priorities. I, now, see the errors in that. I will accomplish this by just simply relaxing and enjoying life and being me; becoming more as one with God, nature and myself.

In summary, my one resolution for this year will be to turn my world upside down and say what a ride it was.