Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Morgan's First Day of School

After dropping Abbey and Kaitlin off at school, Morgan and I came home to start our first day of homeschooling. We had our ups and downs from the start. Morgan wanted to do Math first. So, we started with that. She wanted to take her sweet little time. She came up with every excuse in the book to get out of it. She was hungry, had to go to the bathroom, needed a break.... After butting heads over that, we finally got to work. Then, she asked to use a calculator because her teacher's at school had allowed her too. I was mean and said no. That'll be a habit that we WILL be breaking. During this time, the same old questions popped into my head, "Can I really do this? What am I thinking?" We did survive our first day of Math. The rest of our day went pretty smoothly. I even learned a few things about bats with her during Science. The best part of the day was during English, our 2nd subject. I was teaching Morgan subjects and predicates. When I saw her grasp ahold of that and actually KNOW what I taught her, I was so proud. Then, I thought, "Maybe, I can do this." This happened again with the rest of our subjects. Overall, we had a great first day. Morgan even told me that I was a good teacher although a little strict. Morgan loved doing school in her pajama's.

Today was our second day of school. It went much smoother than yesterday. We didn't butt heads this morning. We started a little later. And, we had a few distractions to deal with today. Daddy was home. That was a bit challenging. But, we over came it. He even got involved in "our school" and enjoyed it as well. As most of you know, the reason we chose to homeschool Morgan is because of issues she has in Reading. Today, she had to take a comprehension test over the material that we read and studied yesterday. She aced it! I was soooo proud of her. My thoughts today have gone from maybe to "I CAN DO THIS!" She and I both really enjoyed our second day of school and are looking forward to the days ahead. Thank you for all of your encouragement and having confidence in me when I often lacked it in myself!

In other news, the girls danced in their first National Competition in Nashville this past weekend. Unfortunately, work called; and, Jason was unable to go with us. On the plus side, my mom was able to step in and go with us to lend a helping hand. Thank you MOM! Hannah went with us as well. The girls were very excited to have their grandmother with us to watch them dance. All of the girls danced very well. I am proud of them all! We had a great time. We were all very tired when we got back home. I think we slept for 2 days, well not quiet. Although, I could have. I think I logged 10 miles on my flip flops this weekend. If you've ever stayed at the Opryland Hotel, you know exactly what I'm talking about. lol. No need to exercise this weekend. I got plenty of power walking in. lol. Our next competition will be in Maggie Valley, NC, October 23-25. The girls will also be dancing at a big tailgaiting party hosted by UT Alumni during the UT vs. Ohio game on September 26. We are very excited about that.