Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Most Amazing Night...

Tonight has been the most amazing night. It was perfect! Definitely, the most rememberable night of our vacation. It was just Abbey, Morgan, and I. I decided to take advantage of that and enjoy the quality time with them. We went down to the beach, took our shoes off and stood in the tide, letting the waves rush over our toes. Then, with flip flops in hand, we went walking down the beach. I gave Abbey my shoes to carry. Then, took her hand and Morgan's in mine; and, together we walked, we danced, and we played along the shore.

Morgan let go of my hand and ran a little ahead of Abbey and I playing. Abbey and I talked and laughed as we watched Morgan. We did this all the way down to the pier. At the pier, we enjoyed a nice dinner with just the 3 of us. Then, walked out onto the pier to see what we could spot in the ocean. Abbey was hoping to see a shark! We stood out on the pier and watched the sunset. It was beautiful. As we were leaving the pier, we stopped for ice cream. On the way back to the hotel, we searched for unique sea shells. Morgan found a "baby" conche shell that she was very proud of. Abbey found a shell that still had something alive in it. We couldn't figure out what it was. She put it safely back in the water. A few big waves came in and got the bottoms of our sun dresses wet. That was ok too. We saw a golden retriever playing ball and swimming in the ocean. Of course, the girls had to stop and play with him. This made us miss Emma. The girls want to bring her with us next time. I don't know about that one. LOL. Although, I have to admit, it would have been fun having her with us tonight. Abbey started singing "The tide is high..." Very fitting. I laughed and sang along with her. Once we got back to the hotel, we sat in the sand, buried our toes, talked and laughed some more. They decided they wanted to go swimming again. So, we changed back into our bathing suits and headed to the pool. We swam and then sat in the hot tub. Froze our butts off when we got out of that. After the pool closed for the night, we went back down to the beach to look for sand crabs. Abbey got tired and decided to go to bed. She left Morgan and I on the beach and went inside to bed. Sleepy head.

Morgan and I stayed on the beach and played in the sand for a little while longer. We were "cooking." Morgan came up with some very unique recipes. Don't know that I would want to try those. We had a blast. Of course, she was telling me how to prepare the recipes step by step; and, I had to "cook" along with her. Silly girl.

As the kids get older, I find that it gets harder and harder to have these special moments with them like this. Our schedules get packed with school, dance, ball, etc. Tonight warmed my heart. The quality time spent with them can't be described fully in words. It was so calming, relaxing, and happy. I wish every day could be just like tonight. We enjoyed it so much so that we turned off the cell phones and disconnected ourselves from the world. Only the 3 of us existed for just a short period of time. I wouldn't change anything about tonight. And, I'm so thankful for tonight and the memories that will last forever.